Lassa Tyres

Turkey’s tyre brand: Lassa

The foundations of Lassa, which has now celebrated its 41st anniversary in the tyre business as Turkey’s leading established brand, were laid back in 1974. By 1988, with the joint venture agreement with Japanese giant Bridgestone Corporation, Lassa tyres are produced with Brisa’s latest technology and Research and Development studies.
The world goes round on Lassa tyres

Lassa, continuing its growth day by day in the tyre sector, exports its expertise and experience on the roads in Turkey to the entire world, to mainly European, North African and CIS countries. Lassa provides consumers with the quality of Lassa tyres in over 80 countries and through thousands of sales points.
Lassa is dedicated to top quality

Lassa, in line with the needs of different markets worldwide, provides products which are approved by the independent German certifying institution TÜV SÜD, and whose quality has been certified with many awards. Lassa tyres are used in confidence by consumers only after reaching the marketplace after passing detailed safety tests.

Lassa tyres are turning for customer satisfaction


Lassa is producing durable and high-quality tyres for drivers, requiring both safety and performance, as well as expecting maximum value for the money from their tyre choice, Lassa Tyres has a strong commitment to sustainability which resonates throughout all of its business activities.