Responsible Purchasing



While putting our sustainable growth strategy into practice, Brisa aims to facilitate cooperation with the stakeholders in our supply-chain on sustainability management and relevant components, to raise sustainability awareness, and to enhance our activities with exemplary environment-friendly approaches.


Core Principles:


  • Making sure to comply with laws and ethical conduct in all operations across our supply chain,
  • Building business relations with all our suppliers based on sincerity, integrity, respect, fairness, objectivity and transparency without any discrimination, ensuring fair conduct across all procurement activities including but not limited to the selection of suppliers, and exercising due care in fulfilling our responsibilities to our suppliers on time.
  • Building a sustainable supply-chain culture for the environment and society by developing exemplary approaches for the stakeholders in our supply-chain on sustainability and corporate social responsibility awareness,
  • Encouraging our suppliers to be engaged in providing feedback and sharing best-practices by collaborating with them to achieve continuous improvement.


In line with these principles, our Policy covers the following:


  • Building procurement relations based on long-standing cooperation, mutual trust, and sound and constructive communication with our suppliers, who continue to implement and improve their established Quality Management System, giving priority to customer needs and expectations,
  • Seeking authenticity and integrity in all relations with our suppliers, and working with suppliers who compete lawfully and ethically, avoiding any illegal actions,
  • Working with suppliers who protect confidentiality of Brisa's intellectual rights, technology & information and personal data with due care, and protecting confidentiality of our suppliers' intellectual rights, technology & information and personal data accordingly,
  • Working with suppliers who strive to protect human rights, business ethics, occupational health and safety, employee rights and the environment, while building a system focusing on fair business operations,
  • Working with society-, environment- and climate-change-sensitive suppliers who focus on resource protection, waste minimisation, and reusing and recycling for energy efficiency; who utilise resources in an environment-friendly and efficient way; who conduct works focusing on management of wastes and exhaust emission and toxic substances, striving to achieve more than the regulations stipulate, by complying with all the legal regulations and standards in environment and energy.
  • Working with suppliers who create a fair working environment for their employees; avoiding discrimination among their employees towards language, race, gender, political opinion, philosophical views, religion, sect and other similar reasons; promoting equality of opportunity for women and men; adjusting the relevant working conditions for pregnant or nursing women; caring about employee opinions and engaging them in continuous improvement activities; protecting their exemption and unionisation rights; preventing forced or compulsory labour; avoiding child labour; and complying with all the applicable laws and regulations regarding employment and business life,
  • Working with suppliers who continuously improve their operations with preventive and corrective approaches in Occupational Health and Safety; who consider occupational health and safety as an integral part of their corporate culture, striving to achieve more than the regulations stipulate by complying with all the legal regulations and standards in environment and energy,
  • Working with suppliers who build a management principle based on supplying the right product and service, in the right time and amount, by sustainably ensuring competitive costs,
  • Working with suppliers who are aware of and able to manage risks in the financial, strategic and operational fields,
  • Working with suppliers with whom we may create mutual benefit, who are open to continuous improvement in all the prospective fields including quality, productivity, costs and shipping; who conduct improvement projects, and who follow technological developments with due curiosity.


In the event that a supplier is deemed to have violated above mentioned articles, they are requested to issue a correction plan for policy compliance. We terminate our trade relations with suppliers who do not agree to the compliance process, and/or fail to complete the necessary improvements in the designated time.


Our Responsible Procurement Policy has been drawn up based on Brisa’s core principles and policies related to business ethics, sustainability, quality, occupational health and safety, environment and energy. We conduct our supplier relations within the framework of our "Responsible Procurement Policy", in the firm belief that the responsible procurement principle can be built thanks to a responsible supply-chain which is also adopted by our suppliers.