Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of every work we perform and has first priority in all activities of us.


Fundamental Principles are following;


  • To take preventive and corrective actions ,
  • To ensure participation of our stakeholders and of any organization level in order to improve our performance,
  • To create corporate culture and make it a lifestyle,
  • To take activities in compliance with “Bridgestone Mission Statement” to make use of the global experiences of Bridgestone,
  • To remove the dangerous situations and the dangerous behaviours to achieve a safe working environment.


    In accordance with these principles; we commit,


  • To ensure increasing self-consciousness by providing all Brisa Personnel, employees of the sub-contractor /- supplier companies serving in our plant, visitors, trainees, and other students trained on occupation/skill with knowledge, skill, competence through training programs on occupational health & safety issues;
  • To exert effort to do better than the requirements of the regulations by complying with all legal regulations and standards which are in line with Occupational Health & Safety risks in all our activities,
  • To evaluate all risks that may be posed by the working environment, to prioritize them, to reduce to an acceptable risk level and so to ensure preventing injury and health problems,
  • To increase our performance by permanently improving our processes with the preventive and corrective actions in Occupational Health & Safety issues which are the key elements of the sustainability.