Message From CEO

Valuable Shareholders,


As Brisa, in addition to being the leader of the Turkish tyre market, we position ourselves beyond being only a tyre manufacturer and rather as a “value provider” for all our stakeholders and for our environment. In line with our “Designing the future of your journey” vision, we are determinedly continuing our transformation from a manufacturing company into an innovation company, which we initiated and became a role model with in the Turkish industry.


We are working hard to establish innovation and corporate entrepreneurship as part of our corporate culture by closely following the global trends, especially in sustainability and digitalization. We are targeting to come up with value adding projects for all our stakeholders and for the environment by foreseeing the needs that might arise in the future’s world.

I am pleased to share with you that in addition to its financial targets we are carrying Brisa beyond its sustainability and innovation oriented targets with the steps we have taken.


Our company has retained its leadership position in the industry and completed 2017 with new advances and success stories. According to 2017 year-end financial results, our company’s yearly net sales revenues reached 2.294 million TL. In this period, Brisa realized a total of 154 million USD in terms of investments. More over, we once again proved that we are one of the propelling forces of the Turkish economy with our Lassa Tyres brand, as we reached a new record high in terms of exports in the international markets that we are operating in. We will continue to work on pioneering projects in domestic and international markets during 2018. Our second manufacturing plant located in the Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone started its operations and is adding further power to these pioneering projects.


Our management philosophy of identifying our company’s mid-term and long-term business targets, building business models to help better understand our mission, vision and targets and to manage our business with these business models is the main force behind these successful results. Our success in terms of constructing and implementing strategy brought Brisa a prestigious award. The “Brisa Strategy House” project, which we built up with this philosophy in mind, has been awarded with the “Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy” (Success in Strategic Execution) award, also known as the “Oscar of Strategic Execution”, by the Palladium Group, which is one of the forerunners of strategy, technology consultancy, training and licensing organizations of the world.

Our projects focusing on services and innovation was crowned with the “Customer Oriented Service Innovation Award” and “Innovation Strategy Award” at the Turkey Innovation Week, “Strategic Planning Award” at the ISO Innovation Awards, and “National Innovation Champion” at the European Business Awards (EBA).


We are considering the environmental and social effects of all our operations, products, and services with the awareness that in today’s world securing economic sustainability for companies is not enough. We believe that investing in environmental sustainability projects for fighting against climate change, sustainable energy and effective use of natural resources, reducing and utilizing wastes, and bio-diversity is our greatest responsibility for future generations. More over, we continue to add value to the society with our various social responsibility projects in traffic safety, education and culture and we support cycling with our company cycling team Brisaspor.


Following our first sustainability report we prepared for the years before 2012, we reported our operations for the year 2013 and received a GRI A+ grade to carry our pioneer status in the industry to the field of sustainability as well. The Ethical Corporation chose our 2014 report as the “Best Sustainability Report”. We continue to share our sustainability projects with the public with full transparency and work hard to report at the top grade.


According to the CDP Climate Change 2017 results, Brisa received an “A-” grade both in Climate Change and Water programs and was classified in the “Leadership” category in Turkey. As a result, Brisa deserved the title for “CDP Turkey 2017 Climate Leadership" and "CDP Turkey 2017 Water Leadership" awards. These became Brisa’s third award in climate change program and first award in the water program.


As we achieve all these great successes and as we build our plans for the future, our most entrusted force is the valuable employees of Brisa, our colleagues. The foundation of our strength is their commitment, their willingness to question the basis of their tasks and to perform better, and team spirit. In addition to all these great qualities, we will add on our current strength with a more agile implementation and more courageous taking the first step attitude.


As we carry Brisa into the future, we will continue to work hard with our strong team to create value for our stakeholders…


Cevdet Alemdar

General Manager