Environmental and Energy

In order to continuously improve our ecological footprint in accordance with the principles of sustainability and Bridgestone Environmental Mission Statement, we, as the management and employees of Brisa, commit to:

  • Use the energy and resources effectively for a sustainable environment-friendly production;
  • Clean the environment rather than polluting by adopting the principle of ecosystem protection in all our activities;
  • Determine and evaluate the risks and opportunities related to our environmental aspects and compliance obligations considering our foundation context;
  • Meet all legal and other requirements related to our activities on environment and energy and carry out activities beyond these requirements;
  • Control and reduce the environmental impacts arising from all our processes within the framework of preventive and corrective approaches;
  • Design and develop our products within the framework of life cycle approach;
  • Prefer environment-friendly and energy-efficient options in product and service procurement;
  • Perform activities in line with energy efficiency techniques to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Be prepared for emergencies and intervene in the most effective manner when necessary;
  • Raise awareness of our employees and suppliers on environmental and energy issues;
  • Take part in and add value to the social responsibility projects;
  • ake part in and add value to the social responsibility projects;
  • Improve the environmental and energy performances and management systems continuously;
  • Provide the information and resources needed to achieve the objectives and targets under the environmental and energy policy.