Brisa Way Of Service

We aim to create and implement innovative ideas, which we wish to turn into a corporate culture to enhance customer experience. We incorporate a number of relevant ideas on this topic into our operations, helping us convey our innovative vision across every field possible, and not just our products.


We carry out our retail sales and post-sales service operations via authorised dealers providing service across Turkey under our brand name


To stand out against the competition, we adopt a vision of investing in values added to mankind and customers, while making a distinction with our dealers by utilising outstanding practices.


Established to direct our efforts to add value to the customer and enhance customer experience, our model store operates to develop different tyre-selling and maintenance models, provide solutions tailored for varying customer needs, and share field experience with business partners. In addition, it also serves as a training base for Brisa business partners and employees..


To sustain our service quality, we initiated the Brisa Academy, where we organise both on-site and online training courses on professional development for our employees, as well as domestic and international business partners and dealers’ staff.


We progress boldly to bring different approaches to our ideal of the perfect customer experience. We embarked on our “Tyre Hotel” service so as to store tyres in ideal conditions with coverage when they are not in use. With our “Profleet” fleet management solutions, we provide “360-degree consultancy” services for commercial vehicle fleets. And finally, we present to our customers the “Mobilfix” vision, which provides on-site service and maintenance for heavy commercial vehicles.<


We keep up with current dynamics by providing tyre sales and maintenance services via, which are developed especially for those who want to access immediate maintenance services and replace tyres without queuing at the tyre dealers. In addition, we offer a platform where vehicle owners from various segments can access their required products and services from a single point, with brand new concepts we built with our dealers; namely our “OtoPratik” and “Propratik” stores.


We have developed the I-CAT application for business partners to access Brisa updates in the most prompt and effective way, and develop new communication channels with Brisa. We also embarked on the Tripin platform, which is Turkey’s first “social travel” platform ever, to design future journeys. Each inspires us to create innovative ideas so as to provide ever-improving offers for our customers.


In 2013, we honoured our service commitment with Mobilfix, the world’s first and only mobile truck maintenance service. In 2014, we won a further honour with the “Customer-Oriented Service Animation” prize, thanks to our mobile sales point concept, Bridgestone Box.