Brisa Museum

A journey through the past, the present and the future of Brisa


Brisa Museum stands out with its sustainable design, which accurately reflects the past and present, a period covering the world-changing invention of the wheel, and the new face of the future.


Brisa Museum offers a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to witness the past, present and future of Brisa, along with the history of the tyre, as well as having a breathtaking experience on the use of tyres. It is preparing to inspire the Brisa Family, Brisa’s business partners and the people of Izmit.


Brisa Museum stands out with its design, which observes Brisa’s fundamental value of “sustainability”, and reflects Brisa’s future innovative design. One section at Brisa Museum combines the concepts of “mutual interaction” and “technology” with an interactive design. The museum blazes a trail in the industry, gaining new local value for Turkey, and a new source of pride for the Brisa Family.


The premises of the Brisa Academy and Brisa Museum generate 20-25% of the electricity it consumes. It also boasts an energy-saving thermal insulation system that filters and utilises rainwater for car-washing, and uses 100% treated water for garden irrigation.


Brisa Museum was granted the Gold certificate by the ever-prestigious LEED, which certifies environment-friendly and sustainable buildings across the world.


Brisa Museum continues to achieve innovation on its sustainable journey and as a part of history each day.