Brisa Academy

Brisa Academy is the first Turkish organisation to provide training courses on tyres. Within its scope, we communicate our mission and vision, as well as our market and business model approaches to our business partners, sales and marketing teams, by organising a wide range of training programs.


Initiated to sustain service quality, Brisa Academy offers training courses on professional development, addressing our employees, domestic and international business partners, and store employees.


By sharing our knowledge and professional experience covering various fields at Brisa, we aim to foster customer satisfaction by offering standard-quality sales and services in all our hubs.


In addition to our face-to-face training courses, we also tap into an “e-training” system, which we have been using since 2007, to contribute to the personal development of our employees and dealers.


By transferring the revenue we acquire from Brisa Academy training programs to the Brisa Members Educational Support Association, we provide financial support for students in need.


The premises of the Brisa Academy and Brisa Museum are located in our Izmit facilities, and self-generate 20-25% of the electricity it consumes. It also boasts an energy-saving thermal insulation system that filters and utilises rainwater for car-washing, and uses 100% treated water for garden irrigation.


The premises also hold the GOLD certificate from the ever-prestigious LEED, which certifies environment-friendly and sustainable buildings across the world.