Brisa Way Of Sustainability​


In line with our “designing the future of the journey” vision, we consider the environmental and social effects of our operations, products and services, based on the approach that sustainability is not a choice but a great responsibility towards future generations. We believe that our greatest responsibility to future generations is to invest in environmental sustainability projects to combat climate change, and promote sustainable energy and productive use of natural resources, as well as reduction and utilisation of waste, and biodiversity. In the meantime, we continue to add value to society with various social responsibility projects in such fields as traffic safety, education and culture. We also continue to support cycling with Brisaspor.




In 2011, we organised workshops and stakeholder surveys, with extensive participation, to improve our management systems in corporate sustainability and integrate them into our corporate culture. This way, we reshaped our sustainability approach with ‘environmental, social and economic’ dimensions.


The Brisa family cooperates to reduce the negative impacts of our processes, products and services on the environment, together with a whole chain of our suppliers, business partners and customers. We strive to add value to our environment, society and the economy with every step we take.


As a result of these efforts, we obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification. We pride ourselves on becoming the first Turkish company to earn this certification, and only the second in Europe.


Accordingly, after the preparation of our first report for 2012 and previous years, we issued the GRI A+ report for our 2013 performance, thus becoming a sectorial pioneer in this field as well.